3 Ways To Combat A Bad Day

3 Ways To Combat A Bad Dayfeatured

Recently I had a really bad day! My definition of a bad day was that it just felt wrong and everything and everyone bothered me!!

3 Ways to Combat a Bad Day

Sigh..in fact that bad day was spent feeling sad, anxious and stressed.. 


It’s ok to have a bad day because there’s an appreciation of the greatness of my life. I am willing to be gentle with myself and my emotions and I took the time to decompress. 

Although I had a super rough day – I was able to have a decompress phone call with 3 of my closest friends in which I reminded myself that… 

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I know I am living in my purpose 

And I had an awesome dinner. 

And let’s just talk basic necessities.. I have a warm bed, hot water and both my legs to move.

And I don’t state these blessings for any other reason except to feel blessed!! In the midst of your hardest hour … your hardest day, remember your blessings!! 

There will be bad days, but what are you going to do in those times?

Here are 3 ways to combat a Bad day!!

I encourage you to: 

1). Decompress – take a bath, unplug, and just relax

2). State 3 things to be grateful for in your journal. 

3). Be gentle with yourself & feel those emotions!!! Know that they are passing, all emotions pass.

Try these 3 tips and remember we can always start again at any given moment!!! 

To an amazing tomorrow – rest easy ❤️

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