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I struggle so many days to get up out of bed or to be present in my day. Not everyone I encounter has any clue that my daughter has passed away. It is year 7, of Chloe not being here. She would be attending first grade and I imagine she would be talking a mile a minute and dancing but I don’t know any of that.

Here is what I know.

Today I woke up, knowing that she is gone and no matter what not only the love remains but so does the grief. I have a choice to offer the truth of faith and hope or I can get lost in the pain of missing my daughter Chloe. 99.9% of the time I always choose to keep going but it hasn’t always been that choice. So many times I want to give up, I want to give in but the truth is that I can’t and I won’t because grief won’t take you. It’s the pain that can take you away, it’s so very important to hold on to the faith and knowing that if you keep going, you will get through the day.  I won’t claim that it’s easy, I won’t claim that it’s all the time but I do know that I have found a worthy life after loss. I have found purpose and there are days that I’m ok and there are days that I am not ok.

But it all goes back to the power of you.

Yes – you – the power within you. You cannot control what life will do, you cannot control death or tragedy, you cannot control anything from happening to you but you can evoke that power within yourself to decide how to show up, how to grieve and how to keep going. If you have experienced losing what you cannot replace, you may feel as if you cannot find a life worth living. But this is what I say to you, let’s find the power within you, let’s find all that has been overshadowed by the grief, the loss and the pain within you.

How do you find the power of you, you ask? Well, actually …

Along with a few of my friends I have designed a masterclass to assist you in finding the power of you so that you can begin to live instead of only existing. To learn how to find worth and joy in your daily life. Yes, it is about taking responsibility but it is more about creating a life that you are clear about, happy about and willing to show up for every single day for.  And I want to give you this Masterclass as a free gift, all you have to do is click here to get it!!

Also if you want to join After Chloe’s Private Facebook Group, click here

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