The Power of Goodbye

The Power of Goodbyefeatured

There is power in goodbye...


There is power in goodbye.. stay in that goodbye.. I know you may think – why are you saying this, why are you, how can you say this…

Stay with me and read on…

When I was forced to say goodbye, as early as I could remember… ( Kindergarten) I felt like a goodbye was the end of the world- it was painful- uncomfortable- and I did not know how to proceed….I grew up thinking that goodbye constitutes pain and sadness.

Now for you that know my journey realize that yes it is so difficult to loose someone/something that you cannot replace- what  I know is that loss and goodbye is different. ( I’ll get to that in a second).

The power of goodbye is to begin again, to allow a new start…a new life.. a new relationship… a new respect for yourself.. there is always another hello when there is a goodbye.

For many years I believed that goodbye to the year, or to a person meant loss, it meant to no longer have- that is not true…

Here is what is true..

When you lose someone/something that you cannot replace, the love still remains- the lesson still remains- hose memories  you will hold. I will ever say goodbye to Chloe or my parents.. never….

When you say goodbye- it is really see you later- I believe in saying goodbye to the negativity, to the pain, to that which no longer serves

I believe that there is the possibility and hope in goodbye.

What do you need to say goodbye to today?



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