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What October brings. Before I get into October, I feel it necessary to write about 2019. What a year! It’s not incredibly bad or good but more so it has been a year of unimaginable growth!That is correct, I never believed that I could grow at the rate and pace that I have. I thought that if I don’t face all that I want and my desire to serve others- it will just go away but in fact, Read more

Your Decision Through Life After Loss

Your Decision Through Life After Lossfeatured

The truth is, it is always your decision. When you face any type of loss, and yes I’m factoring in the unbearable pain and the disorienting feeling of loss that lingers in each breath that you take. BUT the truth is – it is your decision to live or not to live.  Everyone, even those Read more

The Consistency of Living Again After Loss

The Consistency of Living Again After Lossfeatured

You’ve experienced a loss of someone that you love, your whole life has been changed, it won’t and cannot be what it was.  Yet when you look around, everyone keeps living and everything keeps going.  Life hasn’t stopped for anyone else except you.  While this can be devastating, at the same time it’s about becoming Read more

The Truth About Loss:  3 Steps To Start Again

The Truth About Loss: 3 Steps To Start Againfeatured

Here’s the real, raw truth about loss… It’s impossible. It’s terrifying.  It’s a halt to living the life you once knew. There is also this deafening silence how to start again; start the life that has been shattered by loss.  But here comes the truth -loss isn’t limited to death, loss comes in various shapes Read more

How To Believe In Life After Loss

How To Believe In Life After Lossfeatured

Oh lovely one, I need you to understand that I’m suppose to tell you I’m an expert on grief but instead I will share that I’m experienced in losing what I cannot replace.  I am also experienced in knowing that grief is all yours. No one is going to come save you or help you. Read more

5 Steps to the Courage and Bravery of You

5 Steps to the Courage and Bravery of Youfeatured

The bravery and courage of grief is the absolute requirement to get through losing what you cannot replace. And there are days and moments when with all your heart you believe it is impossible to move forward, to even breathe. But let’s discuss the bravery and the courage of grief.   The requirement of learning Read more