Stuck In Grief and In 2018

Stuck In Grief and In 2018featured

Oh hello Lovely One
January 1, 2018 … I was excited and motivated, well it appeared that way but honestly, I was struggling. I was feeling stuck…let me explain briefly.

My grief had once again begun to overwhelm me and started to make me feel stuck- stuck and alone.  I struggled to find my way and then the New Year came and I thought well 2018 it’s going to be my year.  Unfortunately, instead, here I am in the middle of March 2018 just getting unstuck.  But I don’t write this so you feel sorry for me or for any type of sympathy, instead, I write this to motivate you, and to inspire you to get back up.  I know not only facing our personal grief but just life in general, the struggle of watching the world’s grief, the grief of what’s happening to the youth of this world … it’s a lot and it can leave everyone feeling stuck and overwhelmed!

Allow me to share with you some tools and resources – and well consistent habits I’ve implemented to get unstuck!!!  Let’s go!

1 Get UP and Get Moving

As I mentioned in my Instagram post (click here to read). I wanted to stay in bed all day but how am I going to show up for those who are needing help? How can I show up for those I love? I don’t think that it’s easy but I also know from experience it’s not impossible- we choose to Get up and get moving. I don’t believe that you need to run a marathon (unless that’s what’s motivating you) but I do think moving – whether that’s pacing your house, cleaning around the house or walking around the block – get moving- I guarantee this will change the course of your day!!

And a huge resource for me is my girl Natalie Rensi – go check her out.  She has changed my view of daily activity and “get moving” – I’ll be sharing a lot more about Natalie very soon!

Let’s go on to #2

2 Change your Scenery

Now I get that you may not have the resources to move away from where you are or switch jobs but I am someone who works from home and truthfully, I struggle to leave my environment.  But this year – I have started to change up where I go and I also have changed my routine of doing things.  I go to different places to work when I can, I try different places to eat or I go to the park and sit! Yup, really I do. Or if I can I go sit and eat somewhere with myself or I take my dogs for a walk! I change it up! I really do!!  Or paint a room-clean a drawer – change it up.

3 Journal/ Read

Recently I have started to journal.  There’s an amazing soul by the name of Rachel Luna (go check her out on Instagram, click here).  And I joined her Faith Journaling Membership. This is the BEST investment I’ve made this year.  Journaling has changed it all for me!

And I also am reading again.  Now honestly, I couldn’t hold my attention for a long time after Chloe and my parents died but I used Audible and well it got me through the stuckness (not sure if that is an actual word).  And truthfully today I have focus how my day is going to go and it starts with getting up and journaling, no matter what, saves my life daily!!!

Now I know you may be thinking what do these three steps have to do with my loss and my grief.. EVERYTHING.  You’ve got to decide to live and stop waiting. No one can save you, except you and I wish with all of my heart I could save you but I can’t.  What I can do is provide you with all the knowledge that I have and that’s stay the course… try these steps …and here I want to give you a gift (yup for free) … it’s a list of prompts to get you started to start journaling!! Click here to opt-in

And if you have any questions email me here
Also come get support by joining After Chloe’s Private Facebook Group by clicking here

Love and Grace

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