Showing Up For Grief

Showing Up For Grieffeatured

Often we believe that it’s some grand process when you show up for grief. That you decide today that you will be able to somehow grieve and then that’s it, it’s over. No longer will you have to continue grieving and the challenges of facing that pain. That uncertainty.  Instead, we must learn that the grief is a part of us. It is embedded inside of us. It will be bigger some days and less other days.

We often forget that if we process the grief we will come to the place to show up for the grief. Show up for the sadness. Show up for the fear. And when you show up, you will find your way.  But most of all show up for the love, show up for the happiness.  You must begin to believe that you have the right to be happy, regardless of what has happened to you, what you have done to yourself.  No matter what the grief that you have, it is necessary to find joy in your life.

On a good day, I just show up and I allow myself to bask in the rays of feeling so many different feelings.  Other days I struggle with showing up at all and I seem to be frozen in me not knowing what to do or how to feel much less proceed after losing what I just cannot replace.  But if I stay in motion – not necessarily big motions but motions of being present in that single moment.  It is that impact of showing up for myself and the life that I deserve.

You deserve to show up for yourself daily.

How will you show up today?
Is it just getting up? Or is it small motions of movement?
Is it being present at work? Or is it just showing up to work?

We tend to believe that showing up looks a specific way, that isn’t true. Instead, recognize that you define your actions and that is your power!

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