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“Say nice things to yourself, because you are the only one listening”- Gabby Bernstein

How was day #7?How are you feeling? Is this resonating with you? Take it as it comes!!!

Today for Day #8 we are discussing self-talk. What do you tell yourself on a daily basis? Why is what you say to yourself so important?  Why is it pertinent for your grieving process? Because the way you talk to yourself plays the most important role!!!! As to how you not only process your grief but as to how you are willing to allow yourself the compassion and kindness to grieve!!! And it is also the words and thoughts that you tell yourself that set the tone for you to live an extraordinary life!! ??

Ask yourself

So let’s ask ourselves some questions to ensure that your self-talk is the way you would speak to a loved one!!

What am I stating?
Is it positive?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

Once you begin to understand the answers to these questions- you will be able to understand the necessity of words.  A huge reminder for me is either that you can or you can’t… Through your words and your mindset – you decide whether you truly live or you don’t live.  It’s up to you.

What if I can’t?

If you have gained weight, you can’t lose the weight you’ve gained overnight. But you can start to shift your thinking and self-talk. Create a gauge, such as a journal to identify when you say positive and negative things to yourself.  Once you start there, you will see a change- subtle at first but then it becomes life-changing.

You must decide that you are worth speaking kindly to yourself!!! And you are worth a positive mindset and belief that you are worth a worthy life!

Day 8 Self Talk! Share your post what that means to you!

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