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Aww, the good ole “Self-Care”.  This is a tough one for me.  As a grief specialist I speak on self-care almost on a daily basis but personally, I often forget self-care. But I want to write today’s post on both self-care during grieving and also for living!!

Self-Care I guess should seem obvious but it isn’t.  In fact, it’s difficult to remember actual self-care- to state to yourself take care of yourself while you are grieving.  You can’t even breathe but remember to wash your hair and moisturize and get some sleep.  It feels nearly impossible but the reality is this, you have to.   In order to create living you have to have a regimen of self-care.  Now is it easy? Absolutely not easy.  Is it necessary? Absolutely necessary!!!

Here’s what my personal self-care is

Shower daily (sometimes twice a day)
Drink water
Pray/meditate (I do both)
Listen to music
Talk to someone I love
Eat something I love to eat daily

These acts of self-care are necessary for me to keep sanity and peace.  Through my grief journey, I couldn’t imagine doing any of this and it finally caught up to me.  The truth is until you care for yourself and value the worth that you have no one else will be able to!!

Start with one item on this list! Live by that daily!  If you create a space of doing something only for yourself daily it will allow you to remember and get reacquainted with your value! This is what self-care means to me and the huge role it has in allowing me to LIVE!!!

Day 6: Self-Care what does it mean to you?

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Sending you love and grace

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