First and most important- how are you doing through this journey?  This #31dayslivingafterloss has been such an important project for me to help you and to develop techniques to assist in Living After Loss. We are conditioned to believe that we grieve and then just get on with it, and this isn’t the case! The truth is that we have to live with the grief and loss, we don’t get on with it we have to figure out to live!

If you haven’t signed up for #31daysafterloss click here – you don’t even have to do it now – take it as it comes and figure out what works and helps you! It’s free and it’s an abstract project that you can do with whatever you want!!!

So onto Day 13 – Quotes…

The reason I started Instagram is because it’s a living picture/meme journal of my process throughout losing my dad, my daughter Chloe and my mom. Through these quotes, I’ve found solace, healing, love and used my creativity to get my words out about grief.  I’ve always been inspired by others words-to me that’s what quotes are, words and feelings of others who have or are experiencing a similar journey!!!

Quotes of those who are grieving – in my opinion, show the love and the memories that remain!

When creating this prompt- I guess I could ask what is your favorite quote? Or which quotes inspire you? But honestly, there are too many – to choose for me.
I also have found community in quotes! I know you may be thinking – what do you mean? I have found others that grieve on Instagram- are we connected, if not click here so we can connect

I also keep a journal just of quotes that help me with every aspect of my life, feelings, and emotions!!

So I want to hear from you – do Quotes help you?

Do quotes help you?
What quote inspires you?
Do quotes help you grieve?
Do you find relief in writing quotes?

I would love to hear your view on – Day #11 Quotes!!
Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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Love and Grace,

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