The Answer

The Answerfeatured

On Monday I wrote a blog post – if you haven’t read it yet, click here to read it now.  And I proposed that you ask yourself some questions…Not for anyone else to get or even to understand the answers but for you to get honest and real with yourself.  This isn’t to shame or Read more

Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here?featured

Wow, we made it through Thanksgiving.  Am I supposed to voice that? I get scared to even voice this actually. I think as someone who helps others through grief as a tool and resource and offers alternative tools and resources – am I allowed to State this?  Well I am. The holidays are hard.  I Read more

All the Anxiety of Grief

All the Anxiety of Grieffeatured

When I first lost my dad I had this mixture of emotions and feelings from one moment to the next. I would have problems being able to breathe! Then, when I lost my daughter Chloe I started to have so many feelings and by the time my mom passed away, I was feeling every feeling Read more

Am I The Only One?

Am I The Only One?featured

Today I sat for a long while – I was thinking about my life, where I’ve gone & now where I’m going today.   I’ve always struggled with loss, abandonment, and grief.  I’ve always been afraid of being alone.  Yet what I realize is that I am the only one who can get on my knees Read more

Why Does it All Change?

Why Does it All Change?featured

Changes… What a word.  Recently I’ve become very aware of changes.  “Why” you may ask? Well truthfully I’ve looked around and I have a friend that’s moving, I also have a friend that has lost her job of 13 years and most of all a lot is changing in my own life.  It’s difficult, it’s Read more

There Is No Closure In Grief

There Is No Closure In Grieffeatured

Yes, you read the title of this blog post correctly.   There is absolutely no closure in grief.  Now, I’m going to explain, stay with me throughout this blog post… The Grief is always there.  The definition of “closure” is resolve and/or conclusion.  The foundation of all grief is loss and with loss, there’s never resolve Read more

Grief isn’t…

Grief isn’t…featured

Often on social media – I will see so many different posts, discussing “how to grieve “ or “how to get over the loss”.  These titles make me not only laugh but also indurate me at the same time.  This is someone’s view and version of what they believe grief is.  Honestly as a grief Read more

Finding the Good in Today

Finding the Good in Todayfeatured

As I stare at my screen, I roll my eyes in sarcasm.  Really, what could possibly be good about today? Most of my heart is missing.  My daughter Chloe isn’t here to ask to bake cookies with me.  There is no good in today. I then walk away from my screen and I go into Read more

Gratitude & Grief

Gratitude & Grieffeatured

As I attempted to write this blog post for the last week (yup, a whole week) I come to the screen and my mind goes blank.  Gratitude.  Well I can write all day every day about how grateful I am for my life.  Grief… well I do actually speak and write about this topic all Read more

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The Lies We Tell Ourselvesfeatured

What do lying and grief have to do with each other? Everything!!!  We will tell ourselves lies in order to cope. We tell ourselves lies to be able to convince everyone else (so,we think).  We think that if we tell ourselves the truth that in fact, the loss is real?! And we can’t truly deal Read more