The Worth of Your Brokenness

The Worth of Your Brokennessfeatured

We often believe if we are more, if we do anything .. that we will be loved & the truth is that you are loved by just being you. It is the brokenness of others that breaks us- breaks our spirit, breaks our faith and the ability to be who we truly are. Today stop Read more

5 Steps to the Courage and Bravery of You

5 Steps to the Courage and Bravery of Youfeatured

The bravery and courage of grief is the absolute requirement to get through losing what you cannot replace. And there are days and moments when with all your heart you believe it is impossible to move forward, to even breathe. But let’s discuss the bravery and the courage of grief.   The requirement of learning Read more

Restarting the After

Restarting the Afterfeatured

I don’t really focus on the before of the loss that I’ve had – I was so focused on the loss… The reality of my parents being gone was almost impossible to even focus on, I kept rationalizing that they were somehow still here … yet I know that was the most irrational thought to Read more

It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

It’s Ok Not To Be Okfeatured

I am not ok, in 2010 my dad died very suddenly – from one day to the next he was gone and although my mom was physically still there with me – she died with him. I went on to find out I was expecting a baby, I was going to be a mom. As Read more

The Hero Within You

The Hero Within Youfeatured

I admit, I was waiting for someone – anyone to come to save me, to stop the pain, the sadness and most of all to stop the reality that both my parents and Chloe had passed away. When Chloe was born, I knew in my heart that she was very sick and I began to Read more

The Power And Resilience Of You

The Power And Resilience Of Youfeatured

Resiliency is one of my favorite words. Each day as I begin my journaling – I usually write down this word, it brings me back to the power of me. As I navigate through the loss of Chloe, many days I am still stunted by her not being here with me and her father. It Read more

I Reassure You: A Reminder To Hold On

I Reassure You: A Reminder To Hold Onfeatured

So true confession time … lately I have really wanted to give up- to quit, I just don’t feel as if I am effective in being a “entrepreneur”!  The tech stuff is overwhelming and I have been in tears way more than I want to be.  Well here is the truth I’ve come to… I Read more

Choosing Love In Everything

Choosing Love In Everythingfeatured

I must admit,  it’s easy to love when there’s agreeing  & understanding.  It’s easy to love when I am treated kindly & fairly but, in times of being treated badly, being treated unjust, or being judged for who you are, what you do?  How you choose to process your journey, your pain & your life, Read more