Day #20 Outside

Oh hello there!!!

How was Day#19 for you? In case you missed Day #19  click here to read the blog!

The goal is for you to live over these next 31 days, not only breathe-but feel alive, feel life daily. 

Get Outside!!!

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Now onto Day #20   Outside

There is a double meaning to Day #20 in my opinion:

First outside means – getting fresh air, feeling the sun on your face and observing your surroundings! It’s realizing that it’s necessary to be outside- one with nature.  Where ever you live,  make it a point to head outside. In our grief, it’s difficult to go outside or to even breathe … yet everyone keeps going .. life keeps going .. so can you if you can step outside – even for one day!

What can you do to go outside today to notice the trees, the grass and the flowers? A quick walk in the woods?  Maybe just pausing on the bench on your lunch hour.  Nature has healing powers that we don’t completely understand.

If you surround yourself with what’s alive outside and in nature, this may assist you in feeling alive again!!

Outside also means how we present ourselves to the world! Outside of us, do not allow others to stop us from grieving. Only surround ourselves with those that lift us up .. be gentle with ourselves with what happens outside of ourselves.
Be willing to go outside of your comfort zone if it aids you through your grieving process.
The ability to go outside, also allows you to go inward.

So share with me what Day #20 “Outside” means to you.

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Love and Grace,

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