It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I Want To

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I Want Tofeatured

Wow, another birthday!! Yup August 13th is my day…the day I was born.

My mother loved celebrations of any sort. Birthdays were the opportunity for my mom to make those she loved feel beyond special and well I took most of it for granted.  I many times wouldn’t appreciate those moments. I have always felt awkward and uncomfortable with having a birthday be a big deal yet since she has passed away – I desperately long for the balloons and the cake.  Now, I am sure if my mother was able to read this, she would be jumping for joy. Yes, I really wanted to start living and in 2016 I recognized that since my parents and my daughter, Chloe had died that I stopped living.

I realized that my birthday was just way too painful to live through so I began wanting to live-including celebrating my birthday.

I’m going to enjoy my day and maybe have some cake (at least a cupcake). A and yes it’s difficult for the truth that my family isn’t here to enjoy it!! But I’m choosing to live anyway. There are tears and I do cry but not for a second do I not want to live an amazing, wondrous life!!

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Love and Grace

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