Looking at 2017, onto 2018

Looking at 2017, onto 2018featured

Well, lovely one another year is in the books and, to be honest, I’m floored.  This year has been a big one for me, both personally and professionally.

First the personal…

As you may already know, my grief comes everywhere with me and well this can make it very difficult to find a life worth living.  You may be wondering why? Well, truthfully- Grief is heavy. Grief is hard. And it’s lonely. What realization and shifts I made this year, are as follows:

“I began to be grateful”

Now you may think, what do you mean “began”? I truthfully had to look at what I do have versus what isn’t or what I want it to be. I implemented, the truth of it – being grateful right where I am at. How did I do this? I looked within, I stopped myself from perfecting what I wanted my life to be. Of course, I want my parents and baby daughter here with me, but that’s not going to happen. So I have to face what’s in front of me.

“I found myself.”

Now this is very cliche, I admit but it’s my truth. When I lost my parents and my baby daughter, Chloe – I also lost myself. And I actually will never see that person again. I had to revisit who I am today, where I am in life and what I want life to be today! I also had to meet myself where I was and how I show up each day.  I had to learn what the guilt that I have felt means.  If you would like to read my latest blog post on Grief and Guilt click here.

“What anyone thinks about me, is never about me”

I use to believe that I could make someone like me or I would struggle with social media numbers and truthfully here is the most valuable lesson that I’ve learned – whether 1 or 1 million like my social media, it is only meant for who it’s meant for. The reality is this, what anyone thinks or says or does is never about me, it is about them and I had to truly accept this! And it was hard and difficult but I know that today I’m ok no matter what!

Now professionally…

“Boundaries are a necessity”

I had to discover and implement Boundaries.  Yup, it was too much, it was too difficult to face the reality of needing time for anything other than creating After Chloe’s foundation but here’s the truth – I cannot serve others without making sure I’m ok to be able to move someone else forward. It’s a true necessity.  I cannot run on fumes, I must refuel myself – that was me creating boundaries!!!

“Believing in what I do”

Professionally 2017 was my hardest year.  As After Chloe grows there are more opinions, more pressure, and it is easy to get lost in the comparisons and the pressure to be more…do more…etc.  So where I have to stay is, believing in what I do!!!!!  That sometimes feels impossible- that sometimes feels as if I can’t
but then I go back into the belief that I can, that I will and I am.

What’s in store for 2018?

I want to continue to help others, I want to help you to be the best you through your grief journey. I want to show you that through Loss and grief you still can find an amazing life!  I would love to schedule a 30-minute discovery call with you – for free! Yes for free, the whole month of January.
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I’ll be back on Wednesday!


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