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I write this blog with so many emotions… I can’t believe we (yes I have an amazing VA that helps me with the technical components of After Chloe) have blogged for 31 Days in a row! I’m in awe and actually a bit sad that #31dayslivingafterloss is coming to an end.  Have you signed up for 31 Days After Loss? If you haven’t click here.

How was Day #30 Breathing/Exercise? Click here to read the blog post.

Now for Day 31 Living Daily!!!!  Huge sigh and biting my lip to hold back the tears…

We’ve spent the last 30 days to start to create moments of living while we grieve.  We all grieve so differently and there are so so many opinions of what you should be doing but here’s my personal belief and what I try to live by:

Time (that’s a bad word in my opinion) waits for no one.  After losing my daughter Chloe and my parents I lost years of my life.  I was consumed by the pain and grief and I lost more by not living.  I lost my marriage and my life and many people that I didn’t take care of the relationships with.

Why did I just write all of that? Because I need you to live your best life.  I need you to know how much I want you to realize your worth. I woke up super early this morning and I felt excited to get up and honestly I just want to live every moment I can and I am talking normal day to day life. Don’t take it for granted.

Surrender to the process, find your happiness and your moments of truly living.  Over the past 30 days, you’ve found moments of being able to find your version of life. Your Strength, hope, faith, belief and so much more! Don’t spend these days asking why this happened to you, spend your days asking how you can serve, asking how you can be the best version of yourself! That’s what you need to hold on to! That’s what you deserve to have – a life filled with moments of being alive. I can’t take back what’s happened to you but I will always continue to encourage you to live the best version of you this very moment!!!

I believe in you.

What does Living Daily mean?

It means for you to create a life for you?  A life that you will have moments of amazing and moments that create memories for you. We many times believe that you can’t go forward or on but the truth is that the faith and hope all lies within you!
It’s all up to you what your definition of living Daily means. It’s up to you to take these 31 days of prompts to encourage you to find your version of Living.

I send you incredible amounts of love and grace!

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