How to live with a broken heart

How to live with a broken heartfeatured

As I write this I just got the news that my mom’s sister, my Aunt Alice passed away.  My heart is broken.  And then my forever friends lost their beautiful grandmother, my heart heavy with sadness.

And it brought me to this post.

Grief and loss it’s something that we all face, never willingly- instead we fight to figure out how to make our way through losing who’s not replaceable and truly someone that we love isn’t replaceable.  Yet we are left with a broken heart, pieces of us missing. How does one live with a broken heart?  Coincidence that it’s now going to be Valentine’s Day…

I have found that this is how I live with a broken heart:

Only be gentle with yourself

Recognize that your heart is broken, don’t try to act as if you are whole. You aren’t! Be gentle with where you are.

Get up!

Yes, that’s right live your life. Get up and move. Get up and take a shower. Keep moving even if it’s a step at a time but get up with that broken heart.

I just asked Chloe’s Dad if Chloe was there to meet my Aunt Alice and we talked about them – we remembered the memories!

No Expectations
Don’t expect, go with what happens! You have to let yourself go through it – you don’t know what that’s going to feel like! Let it be! Let yourself feel!

Wherever you are on this Valentine’s Day – live. Live your life even if it’s spent in tears. Buy the dinner, the shoes and/or the flowers! Just live your life.
Because broken or no broken heart – it’s going to stop beating and we don’t know when or how – live today.
I’m here with you! And I’m sorry for your loss but you deserve a life, an amazing wonderful life!

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