Is Grief my New Normal?

Is Grief my New Normal?featured

As I thought of the title of this blog post, I struggled with what to call this awkward place of knowing life as you’ve known it, is over – yet you may not recognize what is or how to even adapt to this.

Why is my grief so uncomfortable?

Because grief is hard.  Loss and grief hurt and it’s almost impossible is the best way to sum it up. I wanted to write (grief and loss sucks but… )

What do you mean normal?

You won’t feel ok and that’s ok.  There is something missing – your life has been altered and you are different and won’t ever be the same again.  This is the truth so your normal at this moment is not being ok.

Am I going to be depressed forever?

Here is the deal, prior to losing my child and my parents – I struggled with depression – so when I faced the grief it combined my mental health issues with situational depression. So if untreated – yes I could be depressed indefinitely but I had to create self-awareness and a baseline of my depression. Treating it can be dealt with by support groups, cognitive therapy, medication therapy, online support and many, many great books that contain support for grief.
I personally sought God and continue to do so along with many of the solutions I mentioned above.

You can’t do it alone

I would like to clarify, your grief journey is singular but you have to find your resource of support.  When my mom died I felt all alone and an old friend from high school sat on the phone with me for hours.  Now, how did that happen? Because I couldn’t do it alone.  Everyone needs someone.

Be willing to know it’s all different

Yes, nothing will ever be the same again – this is the normalcy of grief.  Now knowing, accepting, and acting on are all three very different processes and actions!  But if you can at least recognize the radical change, then you are ahead of the game.

Take it step by step: 

This is your journey of grief.  Take your time to decide what gives you the most peace and clarity. I would love to offer you a free discovery call to understand your grief click here to schedule for the month of April.

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