I Reassure You: A Reminder To Hold On

I Reassure You: A Reminder To Hold Onfeatured

So true confession time … lately I have really wanted to give up- to quit, I just don’t feel as if I am effective in being a “entrepreneur”!  The tech stuff is overwhelming and I have been in tears way more than I want to be.  Well here is the truth I’ve come to… I am not in business- I am a light worker, an assistant to help others make it through losing what they cannot replace.  I am here to hold space with you – I am here to show you – that with, many tears, many prayers and a lot of help from my amazing friends and family I live a worthy life with my grief.  I am worthy to live a life I love.

I Reassure You

So now that we have that taken care of – I want to reassure you that in your darkest, hardest moment- hold on!  The pain of loss is enough to disable you from functioning.  Everything is hard. I understand.  But every time I thought I couldn’t go on- I would get reassurance that I could and would make it through another day.  Why am I saying this? Because it’s my life, my purpose to stay with you through the grief, to reassure you that living with grief is the choice & it’s not easy, it’s not simple.  But with God, with the love that remains – you will make it through ????

I am here, and I won’t ever stop reminding you that you are making it through.  Thank YOU for allowing me your time, your attention and your support. 


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