How to Begin When You Are Facing Life After Loss

How to Begin When You Are Facing Life After Lossfeatured

Oh, lovely one, in this world of constant excitement over the New Year…New Beginnings… a Fresh Start, yet you’ve lost what you can’t replace.  You can’t move on or start fresh, the pain of losing what you can’t hold, you have a hard time breathing much less creating a New Years Resolution so how do you begin again????

First off, this is to guide you, to inspire you.  I am so very sorry for your loss and what you face on a daily basis!!  But the truth is to find living after your loss.  You must find ways how to proceed, not just to exist and that is quite the task to take on!!!

Be Gentle with all of it

Yup, you know that I suggest being gentle with yourself and that should be the standard, but in addition be sure to be gentle with all of your grief journeys. It is impossible to manage your grief and your life all at once. Take one step at a time, don’t pressure yourself!!! This creates a zero expectation of how it’s supposed to be!

Create a standard for self-care

Just do it!!!!!! No not as in Nike – in you have to practice self-care in order to be able to help others or even participate in life!
It is imperative that you create a steady part of your life practicing self-care – nope not limited to pedicures and spa days but eating right, moving, praying, reading for your soul, and taking time for yourself. You will make all the excuses you want but it’s necessary that you make it a habit to give yourself self-care- not monthly but on a daily basis!

Look inward

As cliche as that may sound or seem, it is necessary to understand that you have to create a relationship with yourself and you must be self-aware! You have to create a time for just you! Once you are able to look inward and decide to say to yourself I am, I feel and start to recognize your feelings, then you can learn to manage your grief.  And this takes me to the next prompt…

Checking in with yourself

It is a requirement to take the time to state.  I need to check in with myself! I need to ask myself the how and the why. This goes hand in hand with looking inward. For me learning how to check in with myself gives me the ability to gauge my grief. It gives me the ability to be gentle with myself and to recognize what type of self-care I need for the day. If you would like to speak to me about checking in with yourself click here to book a free 30-minute session with me (this is good for the whole month of January)

Move and hydrate

Track your movement for one day by time or by a step tracker, drink water. There is no better way to start than to be active and to be hydrated.
It’s this simple, the effects of doing are only positive and the effects of not doing are all negative. Try it! I would love you to email me and let me know how your journey is going!!

This week I’ll be discussing all about beginning the new year with loss!
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Love and grace,

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