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The loss of my daughter Chloe still physically pains me if I think of it in depth.  Watching my child take her last breath is not anything I can describe in words, but I will state it’s the most pain I’ve ever felt physically and emotionally.  I wait for her. I really do, many days I will think she’s still at the NICU in Las Vegas and that if I go to the hospital she will still be there.  Then the logic comes and the pain rushes to my mind.  I miss her. I miss her face and her hands.

But here is the reality, the love that I have for Chloe overwhelms me, I am so proud of how much I love her and the infinity of our love- I have to honor it and memorialize the love.  Obviously, After Chloe, the brand and serving others – honors our love daily.

But here are some other ways I’ve learned to honor our love daily:

honor the love

1. Be grateful for the love.

I’m so grateful to have been Chloe’s mom. I honestly stay in that love!!!

2. I speak her name often.

If speaking about your loved one helps you- don’t ever stop speaking their name or expressing the love that is shared.

3. Always be willing to listen!

Be an ear to listen to someone else’s grief journey. It isn’t always what you say but it’s what you don’t say

4. Know that the love survives death.

It cannot and will not ever be lost.

5. The joy of the love that remains.

What brings you joy? Do this- act on this! Love that joy!!!

6. Create a memory box.

I have a few of Chloe’s things- or I’ve seen quilts, pillows and other neat things made from a loved ones clothes. Create a box of memories.

7. Write about it!!

Journal the love – write how the love remains. Write about the good times & what giving that love did for you.

When you honor the love and focus on the love that remains, you will see such a different outcome!

Love and grace,

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