What Grief Taught Me About “Wealth”

What Grief Taught Me About “Wealth”featured

Oh lovely one, my hope is that if you are reading this that you haven’t faced grief yet and hopefully you will resonate with this blog post, to assist you in how you view “wealth”!! If you are reading this facing grief on the daily, then I know you get it! I am sending you my love and grace.

What is the definition of wealth?

Truthfully, this is a loaded question.  I believe that wealth is an abundance of something…well, I should correct myself and state it’s when you feel as if you have everything you need and that you don’t want for anything.  And truthfully before losing my parents and my baby Chloe, I believed that wealth was about monetary status, it was about things, not relationships.

What’s love got to do with wealth?

This is where my understanding of wealth has totally changed After Loss.  You can have all the money, all the property, all the clothes, all the cars but none of this can bring you true wealth.  We have our basic needs and our wants.  The basic needs being met to most is the bare minimum but it’s not what our society considers to create wealth. Our want is to have an infinite amount of not only our basic needs but also our wants.

The problem with this is, we struggle to understand and to realize that love is a basic need that has to come with an infinite supply. Love is wealth. When you have love, you can face anyone and anything. When you have love you love yourself to provide your basic needs and then some.  I’m not stating love can pay the bills but when we are in a state of love we are able to function at a higher capacity. We are able to diligently look for the opportunity to be better. This is love and this is wealth.

Love isn’t everything?

I don’t agree that without wealth you can have love and without love, you can’t have wealth but this is what I know for sure. Love is always the foundation when you have love you are able to function at a higher capacity, in turn, creating more wealth.  When you love yourself more and those around you, you are able to create a higher capacity of love, in turn, a more abundant life. You can have financial wealth, yet there is no love. This is the struggle that you may face. This is the struggle that you cannot deal with, and this will be where you cannot go forward. This will be where you cannot relate wealth and love but here’s what I have learned.

It’s all about the LOVE

I was only wealthy twice in my life- The day I was born to my parents and the day I found out I was Chloe’s mom.  These titles and the wealth of infinite love, this taught me what is important. This taught me that no matter how much monetary wealth someone has it cannot buy health or happiness. Happiness is from within. When we struggle to pursue happiness and wealth from an outside source – it won’t ever work.

Choose at this very moment to be wealthy, yes I said it as choose our wealth. We can state and if we truly believe at this very moment, we have wealth. At this very moment, we have exactly enough, as we are!!! I kept waiting to get wealth when truthfully I am wealthy! It is your perspective, unfortunately, I only learned this when I lost my daughter Chloe.  Unfortunately, I only learned my true wealth after not having the knowledge of my parents alive, helping and guiding me.  But I am hoping you will realize that wealth is anything you make it, anything you are given that improves you, the loves you, that guides you!!

What is your wealth today?

This is what Grief taught me- Loss is impossible to avoid but in living every second of the day we gain wealth- the wealth of memories and pictures and most important LOVE!!

What will you do today to see your existing wealth?

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Love and Grace

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