Finding the Faith

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We often relate Faith to religion ..  but in grieving what if you relate it to yourself? Having faith in yourself? The God within you? The universe in you? What does that look like?
Create a post, find a photo or representation of what Faith looks like to you?

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Day 2: Finding the Faith

The process of grief for me personally has brought enlightenment as to what I believe faith is.
I have had religion embedded in everything I do since I can remember but it was only when I lost my child that I found God .. the God within me .. all around me..
For a long time I believed that God had left me .. for a long time I believed that I was being punished or wrong because I lost not only my child but both of my parents ..
I had to come to a realization that this isn’t the case, instead I came to faith in knowing I may never know why my child died or why my parents died but I have faith in my ability to get through this!
Having faith, finding faith doesn’t lessen the grief journey or lessen the loss. Instead it helps me, holds me – makes me remember I can see my way through this.
I don’t think for me personally my faith can be tied to someone or something except God.. the Divinity .. Spirit .. Light ..
because what I do know for sure is that only God has seen me the entire way through .. only my faith has led me to a person, a book, a place that assists me in healing and being able to make it through another day.
Faith has to be a part of my grieving, without it- I have nothing!!

That’s what Finding the Faith means for me .. what does it mean to you?
I send you love & grace.
You are not alone,

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