Finding the Good in Today

Finding the Good in Todayfeatured

As I stare at my screen, I roll my eyes in sarcasm.  Really, what could possibly be good about today? Most of my heart is missing.  My daughter Chloe isn’t here to ask to bake cookies with me.  There is no good in today.

I then walk away from my screen and I go into the kitchen and I want to call my mom.  Oh wait I forget, my mom isn’t available, she’s gone. What’s the good in today?

And I then make my way out to my backyard and my 2 dog sons are playing and they see me.  Everything in their world is good, they run over to me and well they just absolutely love me and this is what the inspiration for this post is.  Again I ask, stay with me.


Every day is different.   It’s the wave of grief that can hit at any time . It’s my choice though to decide that, although I have the heaviness of the wave of grief that can hit me at any time, to still see the positives I have in my life. I woke up breathing today, I am blessed to have 2 of the greatest puppy dogs anyone could ask for. It is deciding to ask myself, “what good do you see in today?” versus asking myself “how can I see any good when I am faced with these waves of grief?”  As much as I could sit here and write that the good in today is impossible to see because of the loss that I am faced with, I can’t do that! Instead, I must see the love – the grace and most of all the good.

How do I see the good!?

I am a list maker.  On the left side of my calendar – I have a list of to-dos and on the right side of my calendar I write – 2 lists “the good” and “I am grateful for” . Now you may think, what do these two lists have in common?  Nothing and everything.  Honestly- there is good in each day and I am grateful every day!
Ask yourself what’s good today?  What am I thankful for?

Start with one sentence – try this for 5 days & I promise you will learn to see the good.

Why does “the Good” matter?

It absolutely does. It’s imperative to ensure that there is a connection between you and the good daily.   This is what’s going to be a helper throughout your grief journey. Only you can see your good – only you can decide to honor and focus on the good.

Wait, what is the good?

It’s anything that brings you something positive.   It’s the sun shining.  It’s having a three-minute dance party.  It’s laughing with your best friend.  It’s kissing your puppy dog.  It’s a great cup of coffee.  It’s finding that last roll of toilet paper in the cabinet. It’s a hug and/or an I love you. It’s having a good hair day or finding a 10 dollar bill in the laundry.  It’s giving to the homeless.  It’s knowing it’s all going to work out.  It’s the weekend trip you took.  I could go on and on but you get my point – open your eyes to see the good, it’s there I promise.

Hey – I am so very sorry for your loss. I cry daily – I want to prevent anyone from losing anyone again but I can’t prevent it but what is in my power is to gently remind you that you’ve got this!

I promise you do! Keep going.
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Love and grace,

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