Why doesn’t the Grief stop?

Why doesn’t the Grief stop?featured

My fascination with grief began when I was 19 years old. My maternal grandfather died one day before my 19th Birthday after battling cancer.  I was devastated for my mom and then months went by and she wasn’t who she use to be.  Nothing appealed to her, she cried all the time, and her sadness and indifference confused me.  She was never the same and even until the day she died.   Her grief for her dad was always there.

The reminders of grief

When something bad happens it’ll take us to the grief.  When something good happens it’ll take us to the grief.  Yes, I do believe this is how it is.  Grief isn’t always bad though, and if I can ask you to think about grief and what it’s designed for, it’s meant to help you to process and to honor the love but grief is a reminder to recognize that what was is no longer, yet there’s still all this love …

Recently I was talking to someone and some amazing milestones happened and yet this someone was hit with the grief that her loved ones weren’t present to celebrate these milestones. Recently I really needed to run a scenario past my mom and she wasn’t here to call.  That’s the grief, it’ll come every day, on Sundays and on Tuesdays.Grief doesn’t ever leave. Grief shifts and its also a reminder.

Grief is a reminder

Now we see the word reminder and automatically we go to believing that grief is a bad thing yet it’s also a reminder of the infinite love that remains.  Grief is also a reminder that we deserve an extraordinary life!  Grief is also a reminder of how valuable life is.

The shifts of grief.

Grief shifts, and once you allow the shifts versus fighting or avoiding these shifts it will change your grief journey.  And what I mean by shifts, is that once you reconcile that the grief is now a part of your life – this will allow you to move forward. This will allow you to start to live your life again.  It will allow you to have the grief with you but you’ll find your way one moment at a time.

Grief doesn’t stop

This is my theory and my belief of grief. It doesn’t stop because we will never stop missing and loving what is lost.  And it’s that simple and that complicated. I’ve learned to gauge my grief and to allow it. That’s the reality you have to make room for your grief. And that’s a process, but the acceptance is needed to understand grief so you can process it accordingly.

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