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It’s so hard to deal with every day much less when you are dealing with grief. It is almost impossible to figure out how to make it through. It can seem like even waking up and getting out of bed is impossible.

It is my belief that it is imperative to create the understanding that your life is of value. You may think how does self-love help with my grief and my daily routine?

Well, actually it has everything to do with dealing with every day.

Until you decide that you are worth it – you can’t get through grief, instead, you will think there is a beginning and an end to grief – this isn’t the case. You have to accept that grief becomes a part of your life. This isn’t the focus but you have to recognize this prior to dealing with it.

Let’s get you dealing with every day after you’ve accepted the grief.  Now notice I’m not stating that the grief is a negative, instead let’s use the grief to help you deal with every day!

Try these methods to take on every day

1). Take Small Actions

When my daughter Chloe passed away, initially I couldn’t focus or face anything that took my energy.  I began struggling with day to day tasks. What I began to do is set my phone for 5 minutes and I would spend 5 minutes only focusing on the task in front of me. Once I would take action in small increments; I began to deal with tasks day to day.

2). Get Support

Only until you recognize that you need to grieve can you seek support. I found seeking a group of individuals who have faced what I have – helped me to just have a resource to listen to me: I encourage you to join my Facebook group for support if you need it.

3). Dress Up

Really, get dressed. When you shower and clean up – you will feel better – there is a rational and reason- show yourself self-care for your basic needs!!!

4). Seek Prayer and Meditation

Go out and pray and meditate. Believe that you can and you will find peace even if only for a moment through prayer and meditation.

5). Love Yourself

This is a necessity to show yourself, daily love. Do it by eating or going for a walk or watching a movie. You have to learn to live for yourself.
Try it daily – do one act of kindness for yourself.

These are methods to start to show up again daily, even if you achieve one method per week- this is you starting to live through your grief.
I’m so very sorry for your loss and I am here if you need me!

Love and grace,

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