Choosing Love In Everything

Choosing Love In Everythingfeatured

I must admit,  it’s easy to love when there’s agreeing  & understanding.  It’s easy to love when I am treated kindly & fairly but, in times of being treated badly, being treated unjust, or being judged for who you are, what you do?  How you choose to process your journey, your pain & your life, that’s when it will seem almost impossible. 

Choosing Love In Everything

It will seem as if I can’t seem to love but, I still choose love. 

Just because someone says something about you in a negative light or tears you down doesn’t mean that you have to buy into it. Not everyone who claims  “love & light” is that.  But, if you choose love in all you do, there is no need to look anywhere else except for your lane! 

Grieving your loss may be too much for someone else to be there for you but here is the truth whatever someone else says or does has nothing to do with you, it is about that other person. When you begin to not take anything personally it will change your life and your ability to always choose love. The lack of empathy and sympathy will not phase you because, through your process of grief,  it’s just that- it is yours.

Choose love in everything! ❤️ 

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