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First and most important- how are you doing through this journey?  This #31dayslivingafterloss has been such an important project for me to help you and to develop techniques to assist in Living After Loss. We are conditioned to believe that we grieve and then just get on with it, and this isn’t the case! The Read more

Self Talk

Self Talkfeatured

“Say nice things to yourself, because you are the only one listening”- Gabby Bernstein How was day #7?How are you feeling? Is this resonating with you? Take it as it comes!!! Today for Day #8 we are discussing self-talk. What do you tell yourself on a daily basis? Why is what you say to yourself Read more

Dear Me,

Dear Me,featured

I wrote this letter to myself, a month prior to beginning my journey with After Chloe, I encourage you to write a letter like this, I encourage you to find you again throughout your journey of grief. Dear me: It’s been quite a while, I felt it necessary to write you because I haven’t heard Read more