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You Are Never Alone

You Are Never Alonefeatured

I have to admit my biggest fear has always been ending up alone. Since the first time I fell in love, I felt that heartbreak and being alone was one in the same.   To this day it’s difficult to think of those feelings of loneliness. I often struggle with the realization that I am Read more

The Consistency You Need

The Consistency You Needfeatured

When we face grief, it’s the loss and most of all it is the change- the inconsistency that we are dealt. All of a sudden nothing is as it was, all of a sudden we are no longer able to be who we were and life changes forever.  I couldn’t eat the same food or Read more

Be Gentle With Yourself

Be Gentle With Yourselffeatured

The truth is that throughout your grief journey it is so easy to forget yourself. It is so easy to not care for yourself and be healthy. But being gentle with yourself is a requirement, especially when facing grief and loss. The past two blogs I have identified the 5 questions to ask yourself: And Read more

Your Self Awareness: Finding You

Your Self Awareness: Finding Youfeatured

I asked you some questions in this week’s previous blog posts, Your Worth & There Are No Instructions For Grieving.  Before we answer today’s question, we need to on self awareness.  Throughout grieving, we many times cannot look at ourselves because of the feelings of hopelessness, fear, being distraught, sadness and loneliness.  We often stay in Read more

The Power Of You

The Power Of Youfeatured

On the morning of October 14, 2012 my life fell apart.  To begin with it was only a broken life that I was existing in.  My dad died in 2010, my child Chloe died in 2011, and on this day my mom took her last breath, as I hysterically begged God not to do this Read more

Find Your Happy

Find Your Happyfeatured

Here is the most honest and vulnerable post I’ve ever done… I spent many years searching for love & happiness – I thought it was a man.  For a long time I thought drugs/alcohol was the answer.  I tried being a workaholic, gained college degrees and titles, over ate, ran marathons, but everywhere I looked Read more

The Ability to Allow Yourself To Be

The Ability to Allow Yourself To Befeatured

Hello lovely one, do you ever think you yourself: “what am I doing, I just want to run away!”? Why is it that we think that if we run, if we avoid, if we get into something somewhere else that it’ll just go away? “It”– can be defined as pain, uncertainty, fear and the thought that Read more

The Power And Resilience Of You

The Power And Resilience Of Youfeatured

Resiliency is one of my favorite words. Each day as I begin my journaling – I usually write down this word, it brings me back to the power of me. As I navigate through the loss of Chloe, many days I am still stunted by her not being here with me and her father. It Read more

3 Ways To Combat A Bad Day

3 Ways To Combat A Bad Dayfeatured

Recently I had a really bad day! My definition of a bad day was that it just felt wrong and everything and everyone bothered me!! fact that bad day was spent feeling sad, anxious and stressed..  BUT  It’s ok to have a bad day because there’s an appreciation of the greatness of my life. Read more