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The Worth of Your Brokenness

The Worth of Your Brokennessfeatured

We often believe if we are more, if we do anything .. that we will be loved & the truth is that you are loved by just being you. It is the brokenness of others that breaks us- breaks our spirit, breaks our faith and the ability to be who we truly are. Today stop Read more

5 Steps to the Courage and Bravery of You

5 Steps to the Courage and Bravery of Youfeatured

The bravery and courage of grief is the absolute requirement to get through losing what you cannot replace. And there are days and moments when with all your heart you believe it is impossible to move forward, to even breathe. But let’s discuss the bravery and the courage of grief.   The requirement of learning Read more

Restarting the After

Restarting the Afterfeatured

I don’t really focus on the before of the loss that I’ve had – I was so focused on the loss… The reality of my parents being gone was almost impossible to even focus on, I kept rationalizing that they were somehow still here … yet I know that was the most irrational thought to Read more

The Hero Within You

The Hero Within Youfeatured

I admit, I was waiting for someone – anyone to come to save me, to stop the pain, the sadness and most of all to stop the reality that both my parents and Chloe had passed away. When Chloe was born, I knew in my heart that she was very sick and I began to Read more

Dear Me,

Dear Me,featured

I wrote this letter to myself, a month prior to beginning my journey with After Chloe, I encourage you to write a letter like this, I encourage you to find you again throughout your journey of grief. Dear me: It’s been quite a while, I felt it necessary to write you because I haven’t heard Read more

Why its Crucial to KEEP GOING

Why its Crucial to KEEP GOINGfeatured

I often catch myself trying to remember what was before all of this pain and loss, I look at strangers and I wonder if they can tell that I am without a huge part of my heart? And then I quickly realize that regardless of what these past few years have brought the world keeps Read more

The Power of Goodbye

The Power of Goodbyefeatured

  There is power in goodbye.. stay in that goodbye.. I know you may think – why are you saying this, why are you, how can you say this… Stay with me and read on… When I was forced to say goodbye, as early as I could remember… ( Kindergarten) I felt like a goodbye Read more


“The After”featured

If you are reading this…. thank you so much for coming to my website, and my blog. I appreciate that you are taking the time to visit Next, I am so sorry that you are grieving a loss… I am assuming since you are here on my site. I am going to share a bit Read more