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Year 7…

Year 7…featured

It is 2/22 and it’s been year 7 since Chloe passed away! As I type this, I am at a loss for words. I am sad and I miss my baby. I miss knowing Chloe at 1 years old, at 5 years old, and now at 7 years old. I wish I could share with Read more

Waking Up With Grief

Waking Up With Grieffeatured

I often look to the first moment that I wake up each day – just for that moment I forget that I don’t have my daughter Chloe or my parents here with me and then that excruciating realization happens, they are gone.  Sadness overwhelms me all over again and I then go through a series Read more



Day #22 Organization .. How was Day #21 for you? When we look at our environment both inside and outside – it helps us, in fact it helps us to look at today’s topic as well! Check out Day #21 Blog Post by Clicking here If you haven’t joined #31dayslivingafterloss click here to join– there’s Read more



Day #21 Inside Hello there lovely one!! How was Day #20 for you? In case you missed Day #20 click here to read the blog post !!! If you have not joined #31dayslivingafterloss click here to do so. It’s free, you can go your own pace. The goal of #31dayslivingafterloss is to assist you to Read more



Day #20 Outside Oh hello there!!! How was Day#19 for you? In case you missed Day #19  click here to read the blog! The goal is for you to live over these next 31 days, not only breathe-but feel alive, feel life daily.  Get Outside!!! If you haven’t signed up for #31dayslivingafterloss click here to join. Read more