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5 Ways To Be There For Someone Who Is Grieving

5 Ways To Be There For Someone Who Is Grievingfeatured

Condolences is such an odd word…. I never liked it before I lost my daughter Chloe and my parents, now honestly I detest that word. I think that it’s because that word represents someone who doesn’t understand or care to understand grief. I am hoping this blog post may educate on how to be there for Read more

How To Show Up For Grief

How To Show Up For Grieffeatured

Often we believe that it’s some grand process when you show up for grief.  We believe that you decide today that you will be able to somehow grieve and then that’s it, it’s over.  No longer will you have to continue grieving and the challenges of facing that pain; that uncertainty.  Instead we must learn Read more

It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

It’s Ok Not To Be Okfeatured

I am not ok, in 2010 my dad died very suddenly – from one day to the next he was gone and although my mom was physically still there with me – she died with him. I went on to find out I was expecting a baby, I was going to be a mom. As Read more

Letting Go

Letting Gofeatured

  I can still remember the first time I felt abandoned or the pain of loosing someone or something that I could not replace… At the time that feeling was unbearable and I decided I would do whatever I could to avoid feeling “alone”… There began my belief that love was accepting to put up Read more


“The After”featured

If you are reading this…. thank you so much for coming to my website, and my blog. I appreciate that you are taking the time to visit Next, I am so sorry that you are grieving a loss… I am assuming since you are here on my site. I am going to share a bit Read more