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For today’s post – I wanted to share with a wonderful woman named Natalie Rensi- Please read the Day#18 Post If you haven’t joined #31dayslivingafterloss Click here Melo asked a fantastic question recently. She asked: “Natalie Rensi,  I was talking to one of my mentors this afternoon & I realize that my food intake – Read more



And I will call upon Your name And keep my eyes above the waves When oceans rise My soul will rest in Your embrace – “Oceans”- Hillsong United. How are you doing Lovely One? Have you joined #31daysafterloss?  Anytime that I start a new project or even post on this blog and social media, I Read more



Wow, we are halfway through #31dayslivingafterloss and I encourage you to join if you haven’t already!  It’s free, it’s for you to have and to do at your own pace. Click here to join Day #16 Joy … When I think of Joy I think of contentment and peace.  I also feel some type of Read more



My oh my… Day #15 and before I get into today’s prompt,  I want to check in with you to see how you are doing? How are you feeling? This month brings a lot up for me personally but I must admit that having daily prompts definitely motivates me to feel.  If you haven’t joined Read more



How was day #13 for you?? Aww, today it has been 5 years since my mom passed away and well a lot of feelings come up for me.  We often assume that grief is only feelings of sadness and hopelessness but this isn’t true in my case. Many times my grief gives me feelings of Read more



First and most important- how are you doing through this journey?  This #31dayslivingafterloss has been such an important project for me to help you and to develop techniques to assist in Living After Loss. We are conditioned to believe that we grieve and then just get on with it, and this isn’t the case! The Read more

Being Alive

Being Alivefeatured

Oh my!! This post…being alive. This Saturday it will be 5 years since my mother’s death.  I haven’t truly been alive this whole time. Being Alive has so many different definitions for me.  This Day# 11 prompt brings up a lot for me to begin with so before I get into it, have you joined Read more



“Grief reminds you that memories are all that you have”- AfterChloe Day #11 is another challenge. I don’t have many memories of Chloe and memories seem to bring up all that I don’t have.  Here is the reality, we have only a set amount of time to live an extraordinary life, yet when I first Read more

Our Environment

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Environment is a slippery slope to go down or come up when you are faced with loss.  It’s a struggle to be able to control your environment to get what you need much less what you want. First, how was Day #9 for you? Have you joined #31dayslivingafterloss? If not click here to join. The Read more

Self Gifts

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How was Day #8 for you?  Have you joined #31dayslivingafterloss?  If not click here to join. Oh lovely one…why is it that this day is hard and tough for me? I don’t like to discuss what I offer the world but our self-gifts are a foundation as to how we live life, especially after loss!!  Read more