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Feel Free to Grieve

Feel Free to Grievefeatured

Isn’t this a given? Shouldn’t it be? It may not feel like it is natural or as if you can feel your grief when you can, when you want. When you lose your loved one, when you lose your sense of what life was going to be and what your expectations of that life will Read more


Facing Todayfeatured

When you think about 2020, it will take your breath away- it may not be in a great way, it may not be in a way that you feel proud about or sure about. But I encourage you to have an open mind to allow yourself to take it a moment at a time, facing Read more



What October brings. Before I get into October, I feel it necessary to write about 2019. What a year! It’s not incredibly bad or good but more so it has been a year of unimaginable growth!That is correct, I never believed that I could grow at the rate and pace that I have. I thought that if I don’t face all that I want and my desire to serve others- it will just go away but in fact, Read more

Showing Up For Grief

Showing Up For Grieffeatured

Often we believe that it’s some grand process when you show up for grief. That you decide today that you will be able to somehow grieve and then that’s it, it’s over. No longer will you have to continue grieving and the challenges of facing that pain. That uncertainty.  Instead, we must learn that the Read more

Being a Member of the Grief Society

Being a Member of the Grief Societyfeatured

We tend to connect grief and death as one but, honestly, grief is connected to loss – the actual part of losing what isn’t replaceable. Loss is unimaginable and sometimes we can’t move through it- or we tend to believe that we “can get over it”. Here’s what the grief society is… It is when you Read more