Asking for a Little Help from My Friends

Asking for a Little Help from My Friendsfeatured

It was Christmas 2012.  It was my second Christmas without Chloe, it was my third Christmas without my dad and my first Christmas without my mom. I was heartbroken and I felt so so alone. I knew that the holidays amplified all of it!  It made me scared and I felt so very alone.  I knew that I never wanted anyone – absolutely no one to ever feel that way again.

Let’s move forward to December 2016, I decided that doing an Online Summit was my next move.  Anything I do in life, I set an intention, this was something I needed help with.  The truth is this, we are not for everyone and everyone is not for us but I have an amazing network of individuals that help me through Loss and grief personally. I decided, I’m going to do an online Summit that presents different perspectives, solutions, resources, and tools to help others through Loss and grief.

So I asked my amazing friends…And I leave no Loss unspoken.   We discuss all types of loss and how to approach the holidays!!  I know you may be thinking …“What is a Grief Online Summit”

I asked 16 of my friends who are in the heart-centered space of helping others and are experts in their fields

⁃ grief specialists
⁃ Yogis
⁃ Reiki Master
⁃ EQ expert
⁃ Authors
⁃ Life coaches
⁃ Teachers
⁃ Experts in grief and loss

Every single one of my friends has experienced their own loss and grief first hand!!!  They created a talk centered on helping you and they give you a gift, yours to keep, you can go and sign up (click here) and you get each day a different set of speakers!

Your choice

You have a choice of getting free access and all access.  The reality is because you have only 3 days at the time the blog is posted – I am willing to give you a special pricing $40 off the Summit price- use code: blog40 and if you sign up by Wednesday, December 20, 2017. I’ll give you free access to my brand new 6 Week course- the year of you!!!

I encourage you to hurry and go sign up for all access to receive all 16 Summit speakers gifts and talks.  Or if you aren’t able, you can catch Day #4, Day #5, Day #6 and Day #7 Free Access for 24 hours!  Let me know if you have any questions – you can email me here!!  Otherwise, I’ll see you at the After Chloe and Friends Online Summit, Living After Loss. Click here to join!!

And remember this Summit is for you- join and take these gifts of help, you don’t have to be alone- not even for a second!!!  I would love for you to join the Private After Chloe’s Facebook Group for extra support by clicking here.

I would love to invite you to first access to my Brand New Podcast – Living After Loss with After Chloe!!  Click here to get on the waitlist!!!!

Love and Grace

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