All the Anxiety of Grief

All the Anxiety of Grieffeatured

When I first lost my dad I had this mixture of emotions and feelings from one moment to the next. I would have problems being able to breathe! Then, when I lost my daughter Chloe I started to have so many feelings and by the time my mom passed away, I was feeling every feeling you can imagine having.

The reality of grief is that there are so many feelings and emotions it’ll seem unimaginable, it’ll seem devastating, it’ll seem like you cannot keep up with all these feelings.  I want to share the feelings of grief, all the feelings of grief.

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The nervousness of grief – the feeling as if you will continue to lose everyone that you have, everything that you have.   The belief that you won’t ever feel settled and content.  This is grief, this is pain. The truth is that this is fear and it creates the feeling of anxiety. I recognize that grief does come along with anxiety! It’s scary when you start to lose.  It’s scary that you may continue to lose.  The reality is this is the face of grief!!  Anxiety plagues those who face grief.

“How do I deal with the anxiety” you are asking.

Self-Talk and prompts is the answer I give most.  Now if you are having physical symptoms – I suggest that you go to a medical doctor – medication therapy may be needed. So do not hesitate to go to the Doctor if needed.

Self-talk – isn’t just affirmations, it’s having a clear conversation with yourself.  You have to create this dialogue to truly understand why you feel the way you feel.  This requires you to document your feelings of anxiety once you understand what is triggering the anxiety and where the anxiety is coming from.
Once you know the why and the where – you can create prompts to help you through these feelings, such as music, essential oils, exercise (movement), breathing exercises – the list goes on and on, I would love to speak to you, if you are experiencing feelings of anxiety related to your grief (email me by clicking here and we can connect further).

Often we believe that we cannot cope with the anxiety – but often it’s core is the fear and the hopelessness. I truly believe that you can create an action plan to manage your anxiety. You are not alone, and there is always a solution!  It’s recognizing the actual feelings and triggers of what brings the anxiety. Your anxiety may have been dormant and then the trauma of loss brings the anxiety to light!

Take it as it comes. One moment at a time.

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Love and Grace

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