About The After

When you lose someone that’s irreplaceable, it feels like the grief will never end.

And it doesn’t.

But what if there were a way to learn to accept, understand, cope and continue on with life? What if you could live with your grief and still survive?

With support, as you’re in the throes of despair, with your wish to hold on and not give up; to not let go, it can happen.

My name is Melo Garcia and I can say this because today, grief is part of who I am. It is locked inside every cell of my body. Yet, i’m still here and i’m living again.


Over the course of three years, my father, daughter and mother were taken from me forever: my one and only father passed away in 2010; my beautiful daughter, Chloe – the greatest love and accomplishment of my life – departed from this world in 2011; and my beautiful mother, who was there for me in so many ways: my confidant, my mentor, my therapist, my best friend, my companion and my strength, left me behind.

I felt lost and alone and experienced an overwhelming surge of emotions. I was distraught, devastated, hurt, angry and confused. The neverending pain was unbearable and I thought I wouldn’t make it through – I could no longer function.

But despite all the crying, the shock and the heavy ache in my heart, I wanted to be ok. I wished for more than pain, so I chose to heal and found a way to get through my grief. I then decided to become a Grief Coach to help others struggling with loss.

And after two years of supporting and coaching grief-stricken men and women, there’s one thing I know for sure: you can heal too. You can you can find your after.

I call it getting to your after because although you will never forget the loss, you can learn to start living again.

I will give you the support you need to deal with the grief and refocus on the love in your life and the love in your heart, because you don’t have to forget, you just learn to go to the after.

So what would you like your after to look like?

How about beautiful memories that make you smile. Joy-filled tears streaming down your face as you feel overwhelming gratitude for having had that person in your life. And a life that you are living?

Whether you’ve lost someone through death or a break-up, your after can be as bleak or as beautiful as you want it to be.

Choose the latter and I will guide you there.


Let’s chat for 15 minutes and get you on the road to your bright and beautiful after.

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