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I was scrolling through my stories this morning and I came across a genius story from one of my Keynote speakers, the genius psychologist, one and only Jessica Zucker, Ph.D. and instantly I felt vindication for my purpose. 

Allow me to explain:

Grief happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s here at 5 pm and sometimes, many times in fact at 5 am. What I am getting at is that there is no reprieve for Christmas or New Years but those are not the only Holidays I face. I struggle with Valentine’s day because I no longer get my annual Valentine from my dad. I struggle with Mother’s day for all the obvious and not so obvious reasons. I struggle with the 4th of July and Easter because my mom loved Watermelon and she said those were the times we could eat as much as we wanted and no one would notice. 

Halloween and Labor Day remind me that I am without my daughter. You get it right. I know you do in your own right. It is that Holidays, all the Holidays will propel us into facing we are here and they are there. And Jessica’s post said it perfectly. 

And yes I do the Online Summit for the Holidays. All of them and Thursday and Friday. I do it for your grief. I do it so you can understand that although we are not the same, there are like-minded individuals. I do it because where I live, grief is not embraced. Infant death, miscarriage, sibling death, death, death of a spouse, parent death, divorce, pet death, death of a loved one, death of a grandparent, death of a friend- none of it is embraced or supported. I do it, so you have something to look forward to. Somewhere theoretically to go. I do it because I wanted this resource when I face grief when I face loss. 

Not just the holidays but every day. 

I kept looking to fill up, I searched for someone to save me. Anyone, someone. And I couldn’t seem to find anyone to save me. Then I recognized that I had to find ways to manage my grief and loss. Some of it is mindset, action, beliefs, support- it is a plethora of all of this that assists me daily to find a life of living after loss. 

I found the speakers for this Summit because they speak about grieving and living. That is the bridge- I believe that you will always grieve, but I also believe that you will find living after loss. An exceptional life of living. 

I am beyond blessed to be allowed to sit at the same table with these amazing humans who are serving and helping individuals who face so many types of grief and loss.  

Allow me to share a bit about the speaker line up that I have for you for

Day 1. 

There is Dr. Joshua Black whose works center around grief dreams shares about grief, what dreaming and not dreaming about our loved ones can mean throughout our individual journeys of grief, it was one of the most vulnerable talks I have ever done. I encourage you to sign up for the Summit to learn more about Grief Dreams and the science behind dreams and Dr. Black’s amazing studies that he does. Click here to join the Summit.

There is Emily Thiroux Threatt, she is this brilliant speaker of grief, who is a professor living on an island in Hawaii and she is brilliant and had this ability to make you feel like you are at home. Her talk gives you actions to help you to deal with not only your grief but your loneliness. To connect with Emily, watch her talk and learn of her journey of losing both of her husbands, and her grief journey click here.

And then there is the exceptional talk provided by Shirin Peykar, M.A. LMFT. ”Let’s talk Divorce”, she talks about coping skills for those who face divorce day today and for the holidays and to find ourselves again after a divorce. She is the kindest and most attentive therapist and all while coming from her own journey of finding her life after divorce and journey of grief. To watch Shirin’s talk click here.

And the blogger phenom Rachel Lewis of The Lewis Note discusses being in Limbo, Repetitive Loss, and Adoption, all while trying to live day-to-day! She shares her personal journey and what is next for 2020. How you can face infant loss and be your own advocate day-to-day and face your own journey of grief and loss. Click here to sign up to watch Rachel’s talk

The Summit is set to begin on December 16, 2019. Click here to get all the details. 

I would love to personally invite you and I will be back tomorrow to tell you about the lineup for Day 2!!!

All my love and grace,

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