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Find Your People

Find Your Peoplefeatured

My grief journey…what a journey.  I must admit I didn’t have a large support system I only had a few but today, well proudly, I have a support system!!!! Yes!  I can’t express the blessings I have in my support system but that’s not what this blog post is about. Truthfully, this blog post is Read more

Everyone Needs Someone

Everyone Needs Someonefeatured

“What an awful day” … “What a difficult month” … “What a hard year this has been”… I’m sure you have all said one or more of the above statements. In fact, maybe you have said all three of those statements. Let’s all agree life is hard and then when a curve ball of loss Read more

I Reassure You: A Reminder To Hold On

I Reassure You: A Reminder To Hold Onfeatured

So true confession time … lately I have really wanted to give up- to quit, I just don’t feel as if I am effective in being a “entrepreneur”!  The tech stuff is overwhelming and I have been in tears way more than I want to be.  Well here is the truth I’ve come to… I Read more