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How to Begin When You Are Facing Life After Loss

How to Begin When You Are Facing Life After Lossfeatured

Oh, lovely one, in this world of constant excitement over the New Year…New Beginnings… a Fresh Start, yet you’ve lost what you can’t replace.  You can’t move on or start fresh, the pain of losing what you can’t hold, you have a hard time breathing much less creating a New Years Resolution so how do you Read more

Honoring the Love

Honoring the Lovefeatured

When I thought of how I could honor the love for the month of October- the first thought that came to my mind was .. living ..  not waiting, not just existing but truly .. living .. I came to the realization that for me to honor the love of who I’ve lost, honor the Read more

Does the Grief Ever End?

Does the Grief Ever End?featured

No, I state this with love and grace to you. When you experience the loss of someone it changes your life forever.  Often we believe if we avoid the loss or we fill the loss with someone/something else, we manage to avoid the grief and hold on to the belief that our lives haven’t been Read more

The Loss and The Resilience of You

The Loss and The Resilience of Youfeatured

I remember when I lost my parents and my daughter Chloe, I lost myself – in fact, I died with them and it took years to find what was left of me. I didn’t have any self-value, much less any self-worth.  Even as I started AfterChloe I struggled with finding myself and boy did I Read more

Letting Go versus Grieving

Letting Go versus Grievingfeatured

Now trust me – I have always used the term “Let go” or “letting go” but never in terms of grieving (as I will explain) I want to create that disclaimer prior to writing this blog … Now that we got that out of the way, allow me to discuss with you my belief about Read more

5 Ways to Introduce Your Grief

5 Ways to Introduce Your Grieffeatured

Why is my grief, so hard for you to understand? Isn’t this what you think on almost a daily basis? The most difficult part of grief- is that everyone else keeps on living and your pain and suffering does also.  And everyone – E V E R Y O N E- grieves differently. No one is Read more

Dealing with Every Day

Dealing with Every Dayfeatured

It’s so hard to deal with every day much less when you are dealing with grief. It is almost impossible to figure out how to make it through. It can seem like even waking up and getting out of bed is impossible. It is my belief that it is imperative to create the understanding that Read more

The Consistency of Living Again After Loss

The Consistency of Living Again After Lossfeatured

You’ve experienced a loss of someone that you love, your whole life has been changed, it won’t and cannot be what it was.  Yet when you look around, everyone keeps living and everything keeps going.  Life hasn’t stopped for anyone else except you.  While this can be devastating, at the same time it’s about becoming Read more