The Why In Grief

The Why In Grieffeatured

Oh lovely one.  So many days I struggle with the why.  Today I realized that my godson is graduating high school on June 2  and wow my mind instantly goes to the truth that I will never see my daughter graduate or get married or laugh or sing.  And I think … why? Why? The Read more

Find the Happy Today

Find the Happy Todayfeatured

Throughout the journey of grief, more often happy becomes a taboo word, joy is non existent and somehow there is guilt when happiness is felt… Guilt for what? Many may ask.. but this guilt is due to having to live life, much less living life happy and content!!! It is imperative that life is lived Read more

My Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Dayfeatured

I was driving and I heard that jingle on the radio – yup, that jingle that reminds, manipulates, invokes that love that you must proclaim in May every year…Mother’s Day.   For me this personally cuts like a sharp knife, actually a double knife. I am not technically a mother and I no longer have Read more

The Loss Of Us

The Loss Of Usfeatured

I remember the exact moment I saw Chloe’s dad, it changed me at my core. I knew that we were suppose to be together… I loved him more than anyone, anything… more than myself and I know that this was the end from the start. I couldn’t give up. I wouldn’t give up, I wanted Read more

Honor The Love

Honor The Lovefeatured

The loss of my daughter Chloe still physically pains me if I think of it in depth.  Watching my child take her last breath is not anything I can describe in words, but I will state it’s the most pain I’ve ever felt physically and emotionally.  I wait for her. I really do, many days Read more

5 Ways To Be There For Someone Who Is Grieving

5 Ways To Be There For Someone Who Is Grievingfeatured

Condolences is such an odd word…. I never liked it before I lost my daughter Chloe and my parents, now honestly I detest that word. I think that it’s because that word represents someone who doesn’t understand or care to understand grief. I am hoping this blog post may educate on how to be there for Read more

How To Show Up For Grief

How To Show Up For Grieffeatured

Often we believe that it’s some grand process when you show up for grief.  We believe that you decide today that you will be able to somehow grieve and then that’s it, it’s over.  No longer will you have to continue grieving and the challenges of facing that pain; that uncertainty.  Instead we must learn Read more

Find Your Happy

Find Your Happyfeatured

Here is the most honest and vulnerable post I’ve ever done… I spent many years searching for love & happiness – I thought it was a man.  For a long time I thought drugs/alcohol was the answer.  I tried being a workaholic, gained college degrees and titles, over ate, ran marathons, but everywhere I looked Read more