Day #21 Inside

Hello there lovely one!!
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Day #21 – Inside…

What do you do daily? What are you feeding your mind with? Is your surroundings clean and organized? Do you have a routine?

Whatever you do inside on a daily basis, creates a baseline of how you will conduct your daily life.

This can create life or it can assist you to not want to be alive on a daily basis.

For me the more order I have inside my home, with my personal schedule- the more productive that I am.

What can you do today to create order, cleanliness inside for yourself?

The second meaning to inside – is what do you tell yourself on a daily, even minute by minute basis?
What do you listen to? Who are you listening to? This has a huge impact on your will and your desire to live daily.
Also what are you watching on TV? What type of music are you listening to? Your inside is the most important as of right now throughout your grieving process.

Be observant to learn what’s going on inside both physically and mentally. Once you observe, decide what shifts you want to make for your daily routine. For instance read a book, clean out one drawer,meditate, or pray- do one thing daily that makes you feel alive.

Next share what Day #21 Inside means to you!

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