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Finding the Faith

Finding the Faithfeatured

We often relate Faith to religion ..  but in grieving what if you relate it to yourself? Having faith in yourself? The God within you? The universe in you? What does that look like? Create a post, find a photo or representation of what Faith looks like to you? There is still time to join Read more

The Final Call

The Final Callfeatured

I need your opinion! I am hoping that you have already taken the survey that enters you for a Nordstrom Gift Card for $100 which ends on Saturday 8/19/17 at 11:59 pm PST. If you haven’t taken allow me to share my feelings on the “Final Call”: If you have been a part of the Read more

Find Your Happy

Find Your Happyfeatured

Here is the most honest and vulnerable post I’ve ever done… I spent many years searching for love & happiness – I thought it was a man.  For a long time I thought drugs/alcohol was the answer.  I tried being a workaholic, gained college degrees and titles, over ate, ran marathons, but everywhere I looked Read more

I Reassure You: A Reminder To Hold On

I Reassure You: A Reminder To Hold Onfeatured

So true confession time … lately I have really wanted to give up- to quit, I just don’t feel as if I am effective in being a “entrepreneur”!  The tech stuff is overwhelming and I have been in tears way more than I want to be.  Well here is the truth I’ve come to… I Read more

Choosing Love In Everything

Choosing Love In Everythingfeatured

I must admit,  it’s easy to love when there’s agreeing  & understanding.  It’s easy to love when I am treated kindly & fairly but, in times of being treated badly, being treated unjust, or being judged for who you are, what you do?  How you choose to process your journey, your pain & your life, Read more